Creating an Attention-Grabbing Business Profile on LinkedIn

The right LinkedIn profile can make a brand on the platform. LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional networking tools in the world and can be used to find jobs, improve professional relationships, hire employees, and showcase brands.

A complete business profile on LinkedIn can help companies connect with different promotional opportunities by showcasing their unique story through promotional efforts and its products or services.

Profile Photo

Most companies use their logo as the photo for their LinkedIn profile. The photo is the first element that should draw people to the brand. If a LinkedIn profile has a photo on it, it’s more likely to get opened.

That’s why it’s important to select a company logo that looks good, aligns with the other visual elements of the brand, and has a high resolution.

The profile photo of companies shouldn’t feature any people, such as business owners.

LinkedIn is also not the place to show off one’s family or pets, as it’s meant to be a professional setting.

That’s why companies should use a high-resolution image of their logo and change it whenever that logo is changed across every channel.

The goal of the profile photo on LinkedIn is to appear approachable and professional to other industry members, as well as consumers.

Making Connections

Having connections on LinkedIn is incredibly important because the more connections a business has, the more visible it is going to be to other people.

Companies can add people they are not familiar with on LinkedIn, as long as they send a message explaining who the business is and why it wants to connect with the person.

It’s best to start making connections by adding the people that a business is familiar with, such as customers and other industry members. Companies can even connect with other people they’ve met at networking events.

Staying Active

Much like other social media platforms, to stay relevant on LinkedIn, companies need to stay active. That means engaging with the content that other people on the platform share, by writing thoughtful comments, reacting to posts, and joining discussions.

Companies can also share content on LinkedIn, in the form of blog posts or even video content.

This content can showcase the company’s industry expertise and position the business as an industry leader. Businesses can also include high-value keywords inside this content, to improve their SEO efforts.

LinkedIn also has groups that people and businesses can join. A great way to make new connections with other people is by being active in those groups.

Companies can join a group that’s related to the industry, and start interacting with other people and their content inside that group.

Matthew Caiola serves as Co-CEO at 5W Public Relations, managing the overall growth, direction and day-to-day business of the Corporate & Technology Communications Divisions and Digital Marketing.

With more than 17 years of PR experience, Matthew leads teams in launching and building high-growth tech companies, disrupting industries, building global brand resonance through thought leadership, C-Suite profiling, and speakers’ programs, as well as crisis communications across a variety of industries.