The Biggest Advancements in Cybersecurity We Can Expect This Year

The digital revolution for businesses has only been accelerated since the pandemic, as many companies were forced to rely on digital technology to manage their daily activities and tasks. Though a progression technologically, a shift towards digital systems has opened many companies up to an increased risk of cybersecurity threats. As such, cybersecurity is an area to keep a close eye on as we can expect to see significant advancements in technology as companies in the space race to meet customers’ increased security demands.

SaaS Security

As more and more companies, individuals, and organizations are relying on technology to power all aspects of their business, they’re going to need robust digital security. That’s why there is going to be an increase of companies providing SaaS security solutions to these types of businesses, which will allow them to easily scale up or down depending on what the clients need, and they’re also cost-effective services, especially when compared to the traditional solutions in that regard. Another bonus that companies get is the fact that SaaS security solutions tend to work well when companies are looking to manage remote teams or team members, where some of their employees operate in different parts of the globe. These types of solutions provide companies with a number of tools and tech from web application firewalls and data protection, to identity and access management, and security for mobile devices.

Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have started to become incredibly popular in the cybersecurity industry in the last few years. Both of these tools allow companies to automatically detect potential threats and improve their security processes, which means that they’ve become a very valuable tool that businesses should consider as part of their cybersecurity strategy. These days, companies can rely on both machine learning and artificial intelligence to be able to detect or prevent cybersecurity threats because these tools can analyze vast amounts of data incredibly quickly and with great accuracy. That means companies are in a much better position to figure out if they are facing threats, or prevent them from happening in the first place. In fact, companies can rely on these tools to figure out various anomalies in their systems and set up alerts that will show the business a potential breach.

Cloud Security

Finally, another big advancement in the cybersecurity industry this year is going to be cloud security, as more and more companies have started to move most or all of their data to the cloud. In terms of cloud security, it’s important for companies to understand the risks that come with using those types of technologies, which, for cloud services means that they can end up getting exposed to cyber criminals, especially if all the necessary security protocols haven’t been properly implemented. That means companies will have to follow very robust security protocols when using any sort of cloud services to ensure they’re sufficiently protected.