Successful Brands on Pinterest

According to research, about 40% of companies have stated that Pinterest has generated a higher return on their investment, which makes the platform, not just a place where people can find recipes or wedding décor ideas, but a place where companies can build an audience and get their products in front of potential customers that are ready to make purchases.

With a strong and effective strategy in place, companies can generate organic website traffic on Pinterest, create targeted ad campaigns, and sell directly on the platform.


Many people use Pinterest as the go-to place where they can find inspiration for their creative projects, which makes sense for Michaels to use this platform as a marketing channel and have well-executed campaigns.

The Pinterest account from Michaels has a number of attention-grabbing and search-driven pieces of content that are aligned with what the platform’s users are searching for throughout every season.

A lot of the content that the account has pinned on its profile tends to feature videos of seasonal projects that can be directly linked to the items in the project that potential customers can purchase from the business.

Additionally, the company also has keyword-focused holiday campaigns that are used to target potential customers that are searching for terms that are related to the projects that can be executed with the products that the company provides.


Since IKEA understands that shopping for a new house and furniture tends to be an overwhelming situation for many customers, to reduce that feeling, the brand decided to focus on creative marketing efforts on Pinterest.

To do that, the brand created a quiz that potential customers can take to figure out which products would best fit inside their homes.

At the end of the quiz, every user is given a link to a Pinterest board of potential IKEA products that they might like, and then they also get the option to pin those products to their personal boards for further inspiration or directly shop from the brand through Pinterest.

This is a very successful approach from IKEA because many customers tend to turn to the platform for decorating or general home decoration organizational ideas.

By integrating product recommendations and pre-populated boards, the company managed to solve a real pain point for its customers that are looking to improve the furniture buying process.


Among the variety of popular search topics on Pinterest, appliances and home inspiration or something that Samsung has tapped into and created an impressive account with beautiful images of its products.

By using Idea Pins and video content to showcase the products, Samsung has managed to stay at the forefront of all the latest features on the platform while also showcasing its products to the platform’s users.

Additionally, Samsung also has a home Pinterest account with boards that relate to various home search topics, such as kitchen decoration ideas, or cleaning ideas, where the products of the brand are all featured.

Matthew Caiola serves as Co-CEO at 5W Public Relations, managing the overall growth, direction and day-to-day business of the Corporate & Technology Communications Divisions and Digital Marketing.

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