Instagram Automation for Businesses

There are many different ways that companies can utilize automation tools in the way that they are using Instagram, with one of the best ones being to generate leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers. After the company collects the right information from the people that are reaching out to the company on Instagram, to make it more convenient, it’s important for companies to focus on making sure that they are able to connect with those users outside of the platform. However, it’s important for companies to also keep in mind that since the consumers reached out to the company on Instagram, they might want to keep communicating on the same communication channel.


One of the ways that companies can utilize automation on Instagram is to generate more sales. Once a company has connected with new potential customers and developed a conversation or two with them enough so that the relevant information about each potential customer has been collected, such as their phone number or email address, it’s time for the company to start nurturing that relationship so that it generates a sale. To do that, it’s important for companies to invest in personalization efforts because even if the automated tools that the company is using to create these conversations with potential customers sound great, a lot of people have an easy time realizing whether they are talking to a real person or not. The best way to make sure that the company is able to stand out is by providing personalized product recommendations and targeted offers to the leads. 


Companies that want to grow and succeed understand that their promotional efforts don’t end when the company has generated a sale from a customer. That means it’s important for companies to keep in touch with their past customers to encourage more loyalty with them, whether through cross-selling, or upselling, as well as to encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Fortunately, companies can do all of this and more through automation on Instagram, and specifically, automation in the direct messages on the platform. The reason behind this is that companies have the opportunity to segment the people that are reaching out to the business through Instagram direct messages. This list functions in a similar way to email segments, but is inside the platform. Then, once the company has segmented everyone that’s been reaching out to the company via direct messages, the business can start distributing regular messages to the people on each list.