How Companies Should Pitch Influencers

When looking to invest in influencer marketing campaigns, plenty of companies tend to underestimate the influence that various industry members have over their target audience. That means, many companies shouldn’t just be looking at social media influencers when creating influencer marketing campaigns, and they should look beyond these groups of people.


In fact, there are a number of bloggers specifically that have a very high influence on various target audiences, which is very beneficial for both companies as well as those bloggers, as, at the end of the day, most consumers these days are looking for a steady stream of high-quality information. That means if a company is looking to create an influencer marketing campaign, there is no need to look for people that have a high number of followers on social media platforms if that’s not something that’s relevant to the audience. Instead, what companies can do is look for a blogger that can work with the business, and is already popular with the audience that a company wants to target. After all, the main goal of influencer marketing campaigns is for companies to increase their credibility while also generating high-quality leads. To do that, companies first have to look at the people that regularly interact with the blogger they want to reach out to for the marketing campaign. The best way for companies to assess the awareness and industry knowledge of the bloggers is by reading through comments that other people have left on their content, to figure out whether the blogger is going to be a good match for the business.

Reaching people

Once a company has selected a group of influencers or bloggers that it wants to collaborate with on an influencer marketing campaign, it’s time to reach out to them and establish a line of communication that can further develop into a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. It’s important for companies to remember that they shouldn’t be trying to sell themselves and their solutions to the bloggers and influencers that they are reaching out to, which means avoiding bragging about the company and its successes. Instead, companies should be asking the bloggers and influencers they have reached out to various relevant questions about the industry and their audience. This way, companies get a chance to develop a strong relationship with bloggers and influencers that are going to be a lot more willing to collaborate with the company on future marketing campaigns. And another important thing that companies should keep in mind is that they should always allow the influencers and bloggers to express themselves in their own words, both when reaching out to them, and when they are promoting the company and its solutions. The best way for a company to reach out to an influencer or a blogger is through personalized efforts, which means reaching out to them at conferences, or exhibitions because most people these days are quite busy, and sending out a personalized email is not going to be enough.