How Can Middle Eastern Brands Make a Positive Impact After Earthquakes

In February, two 7.8 and 7.7 magnitude earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria, followed by more than 2000 aftershocks. The disasters had a massive impact, with over 50,000 casualties reported. A winter storm hindered rescue efforts and a 6.3 aftershock caused further damage. Several countries, organizations, and companies responded by sending humanitarian aid, monetary support, or teams to locate victims under the rubble. One option is to partner with relevant organizations to take part in relief efforts. Brands can also use different platforms to raise awareness of the situation and organize donations. 

Social media

Following a major disaster such as the Turkey earthquakes, brands can use social media to increase awareness. Brands should share information about the affected areas, the scale of the disaster, an earthquake map, and the relief efforts already underway. Brands can also use social media platforms to give progress reports on outreach initiatives as well as discuss the impact of donations. This will help keep the audience informed and engaged.


Brands can get involved by organizing donations or activating philanthropic initiatives. During times of crisis, businesses could make a significant donation and encourage followers to do the same. Brands could also partner with organizations providing aid on the ground. This amplifies the impact of relief efforts and reaches more people in need.


Brands can get the audience involved in earthquake aid by asking users to share photos or stories related to the earthquake. The company can then commit to donating a certain amount for every post or share. This helps raise awareness and funds, as well as build solidarity and a sense of community around the cause.

Companies can also share earthquake facts or stories of those affected by the earthquake, volunteers, donors and those making a difference. This can help humanize the cause and motivate audiences to get involved.


Another way that businesses can also get customers involved is by organizing volunteer efforts. Brands can work with local organizations to identify opportunities, such as distributing aid supplies or helping with search and rescue efforts. By providing resources and support to followers, brands can heighten the impact of relief efforts and foster a sense of community around the cause.


Brands must be sensitive to aid efforts and focus on the voices of affected communities after a disaster, such as an earthquake. Relief efforts offered should be culturally appropriate. Businesses and organizations should recognize their own power and privilege to avoid centering themselves in messaging or actions.