Fintech Public Relations

The Fintech industry aims to use technology to improve the delivery of financial services to customers.

The term ‘Fintech’ has been in the media spotlight for quite a few years now and a fintech business supports banking and financial services.

It is an industry on the rise.

Presently, there are thousands of fintech startups that operate around the globe. Traditional banks are also adopting digital solutions to help their customers.

Given below are some PR tips for fintech businesses.

Use Informative Content

Informative content can boost brand awareness. The content has to be relevant to the target audience.

The content should not cover topics broadly. It should keep a specific audience in mind. For instance, ShopKeep is a fintech company that maintains relevant content.

Their content is directed at small businesses and covers topics like sales, marketing, finances, and operations.

They even have a section which features useful tips for budding entrepreneurs who need help to develop their growing businesses.

Define Goals

Identifying the goals of fintech PR can help to develop a clear sense of direction. Defining the desired business outcome is essential.

The goals have to be broken down into executable chunks.

For instance, should the company be positioned as a leader in the fintech space?

Can the company prove to be a thought leader on specific topics? An important step in developing a PR strategy is to define a set of goals.

Make a List of Journalists

It is important to know what publications potential clients read.

This would be helpful in making a list of journalists that would be helpful for the publications. Since journalists move a lot, the list has to be kept updated.

Define the Target Audience

Defining who exactly the audience is crucial for developing strategies. Fintech can include a lot of different areas, from corporate credit cards and alternative finance to mobile payments.

Hence, identifying target buyer personas is essential.

Keeping specific buyer personas in mind, messages can be crafted which would work well with each type of persona.

Provide interactive experience

The fintech industry is associated with complex information that for many, may prove to be incomprehensible. It would be effective to make fintech content interactive and visual to increase understanding. It can also lead to a more engaging user experience.

For instance, NerdWallet has a ‘Get a card recommendation’ feature. Audience members can answer a series of questions in an interactive quiz and get recommendations personalized to them.

Shed Light on Misinformation

Where the fintech industry is concerned, there are a lot of unknowns. Incorrect information and rumors can be harmful for any organization.

An effective PR strategy should include shedding light on any misinformation and highlight the facts.

Legal and Compliance Team

Creating content for the fintech industry may not be very easy as it involves regulations which have to be considered.

During the content planning stage, the legal and compliance team should be included to make sure that it is perfectly okay to cover certain topics and they do not cross any lines.

Matthew Caiola serves as Co-CEO at 5W Public Relations, managing the overall growth, direction and day-to-day business of the Corporate & Technology Communications Divisions and Digital Marketing.

With more than 17 years of PR experience, Matthew leads teams in launching and building high-growth tech companies, disrupting industries, building global brand resonance through thought leadership, C-Suite profiling, and speakers’ programs, as well as crisis communications across a variety of industries.