Creating Authentic Video Content for Marketing

Plenty of business owners understand the importance and benefits of video content for their marketing efforts, yet many avoid it simply because they’re not confident appearing in front of a camera.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways that any business owner can become a lot more authentic and confident in the video creation process and achieve even better results from their marketing efforts through it.



One of the best ways to get better at creating video content, in general, is to practice.

The more video content that a business owner creates for their company, the more confident they’ll start feeling in the video creation process.

However, there are a few other things that business owners can do to improve their video content and ensure that each video that is being produced is going to be better than the one before it.

To do that, business owners need to begin by recording a video and then watching it back with a critical eye.

If there are any mannerisms that aren’t too attractive or distract from the topic of the video, the business owner needs to take note of each one and work on not doing them in the future.

However, it’s important to remember that business owners shouldn’t be focused on trying to fix everything at once, because that generally doesn’t work.

It’s best to simply focus on one thing at a time, and then once that issue has been fixed, it’s time to move on to the next one.

Finally, business owners can also ask for feedback or advice from their family and friends, and show them some of the video content that they’ve created in the past to see if there’s anything else that they can fix.


Before creating a piece of video content, or even starting the recording process for a video, it’s important for business owners to get into the right mindset.

There are plenty of things that can create nervous energy before creating a video, but with practice, all of those different concerns tend to lessen over time.

There are a few things that business owners can do to get themselves into the right mindset before they start recording.

One of the common pieces of advice that many people tend to receive before appearing in front of the camera is doing the “superhero” pose which makes many people feel a lot more empowered and confident.

That superhero pose simply means standing up straight with the hands on the hips and taking a few deep breaths.

In fact, business owners can even let the audience know how they’re feeling at the start of the recording process, to appear more relatable and authentic in the video.

Another way to start feeling more confident in front of the camera is to simply start talking about the topic that the video will be focusing on.

When most people start getting into the topic of conversation they end up generally feeling a lot less focused on how they’re feeling, which relaxes them and even makes them forget about how nervous they were feeling just a few minutes before that.

Matthew Caiola serves as Co-CEO at 5W Public Relations, managing the overall growth, direction and day-to-day business of the Corporate & Technology Communications Divisions and Digital Marketing.

With more than 17 years of PR experience, Matthew leads teams in launching and building high-growth tech companies, disrupting industries, building global brand resonance through thought leadership, C-Suite profiling, and speakers’ programs, as well as crisis communications across a variety of industries.