American Eagle Debuts on Roblox

With people spending more time in the virtual world, fashion brands are making their presence felt in the metaverse.

The brands in the metaverse are given opportunities to sell digital clothing to engaged users, and with Roblox having 46 million daily active users, brands like Gucci and vans are trying out strategies to see where they fit in.

Roblox is seen as a way to connect with people and be a part of their experiences.

Fashion brands are now playing more proactive roles on Roblox, where they are creating customized and virtual items. American Eagle is also making its debut on Roblox where it will feature a spring collection.

The Campaign

American Eagle has partnered with Livetopia, which is a role-playing game on Roblox. The game is said to have achieved over 1.5 billion visits. Gamers can collect exclusive styles from the spring collection of American Eagle.

The spring collection will be a ‘members Always’ collection, and will feature vintage and prep styles with its focus on inclusivity. The collection features jeans, shorts, athletic fit skinny jeans among others.

The trends are nostalgia-inspired, and feature flares and wider and looser fits. Members Always will also feature on Snapchat and TikTok, where the American Eagle community can shop.

The Brand Ambassadors

The ambassadors for Members Always include tennis player Gauff and actors Madeline Klyne, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, and Michael Evans Behling.

Artist Mxmtoon is an ambassador as well.

The ambassadors will feature in video ads. There will also be a series of livestream video conversations with them on Instagram. The ambassadors will also launch social and volunteer initiatives.

The Brand’s Presence on Snapchat

Users on Snapchat can use a new American Eagle lens to participate in an interactive Augmented Reality tennis match.

Users can gain points while aiming at the spring collection targets, and can shop the collection. Snapchat will also enable users to scan the store window displays that feature Coco Gauff and unlock an immersive AR experience.

The AR experience will be powered by Marker Tech.


American Eagle has not created its own Roblox game from scratch. It has collaborated with a role-playing offering that is already very popular.

Users who use personalized outfits for their avatars will be able to access the spring collection.

The Philanthropic Program

The brand has also launched the Future Together philanthropic program. The focus on the platform will be on social causes that are important for young consumers. The platform will award a total of $200,000 to 20 recipients in the form of grants.

This shows the brand’s desire to bring about positive changes in their local communities. Customers can also share any cause-driven mission that they can think of to be considered as a recipient for a grant.

The brand is known to experiment with emerging platforms to keep up with their target audience, which consists of young consumers. This is their attempt to bring together aspects of the real and virtual worlds.

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